Bi xêr hatî

Roj Baş  everyone and welcome to the Voices from Kurdistan Blog! I’m a 22 year old kurdish student living in Germany, that’s missing her home country and is deemed to watch the non- ending injustices against the kurdish community display itself infront of our eyes. Yes, since our existence we get systematically oppressed, every country in which kurds find themselves, meaning Bakur (Turkey), Rojava (North-East Syria), Başûr (Iraq) and Rojhelat (Iran) are trying to eliminate our identity and collective strength. Naturally, the sphere of discrimination and direct attack on the kurdish existence will of course be subject of this blog. But I also want to tell the beautiful story of Kurdistan. The story of our diverse and vital cultures, our rituals and how these reflect our values and convictions. Both my parents are from Dêrsîm and have endless experiences just like any other Dersimi person. On this year’s visit, I decided to capture my beautiful city of heritage with my own eyes. With my camera and the multiple conversations I led with Dersimi people that have lived there their whole lifes‘, I also want to show the beauty of the city, of the nature, but also of the people. Thank you for giving me a chance to keep the kurdish story alive and help me spread it! Gelek Spas and enjoy!

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